Kitchen sink, Toilet & Faucet installation

Plumbing fixtures installation & repair

Does your kitchen or bathroom need some freshening up?

Maxx Water Heater Service also provides plumbing fixtures, installation and repair. Our skilled plumbers can repair any major appliance in your kitchen and your bathroom. We also offer accurate estimates and timely service on all our work.

Plumbing Fixtures Installation & Repair in San Diego

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Kitchen/Faucet Repair & Installation

Because the kitchen is often the busiest room in any home, the faucets get a lot of use. Sometimes leaks occur because the internal components in the faucet and sink handles deteriorate over time from frequent use. There are also differences in how the handles function. Single handles run both hot and cold water when turned in opposite directions, while double handles only turn on one temperature at a time, either hot water or cold water. Any time you get even a minor leak in your kitchen faucet, it’s important to get it fixed right away. Otherwise, you may find yourself without water to clean and cook with.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Have you ever gotten something stuck in your garbage disposal?

That awful growling noise you hear is often the result of a drain clogged so deeply, you can’t see where the problem is coming from. When you’re rinsing dishes, sometimes too much food debris can build up in the disposal unit below the sink. This is one of the most common results of a malfunctioning garbage disposal, and why it’s so important to put excess food waste into a trash can before rinsing dinner plates.

Even when you’re certain the power switch is off, never stick your hand down the garbage disposal to find the source of the clog. This is extremely dangerous and can result in a horrible injury. Instead, rely on our expert team at Maxx Water Heater Service. Our talented technicians can solve the problem for you quickly. With our training and skills, we are fully equipped to repair or replace your garbage disposal so it runs smoothly again.

Toilet Repairs

As one of the most important fixtures in your bathroom, your toilet is susceptible to leaks, clogs and other malfunctions over time. After repeatedly flushing the toilet by pushing up or pulling down on the lever, the sound of constant running water from the toilet can result from loose valves or other parts inside the toilet tank. Sometimes leaks can even occur around the heavy porcelain base of the toilet because the caulk is eroding due to subtle water pressure, leaks or wear and tear. When any of these problems happen in your bathroom, it’s time to call for help.

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Fortunately, our skilled plumbers at Maxx Water Heater Service can repair any leak or clog in your toilet. We carry an extensive collection of parts, including washers and nuts, and we can handle any toilet installation if replacement is necessary.

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